Monday, February 2, 2015 launches in slow mode, for the people

Development of a new website in the open

Mission Statement: is an online market for local Charleston artists, craftsmen and merchants to sell their creative and traditional products and services to fans of Charleston. Whether a Christmas ornament, hand-turned jewelry or a booking on a charter fishing vessel, at, you will find genuine Lowcountry people with a heritage to share the flavor of the South with our visitors.

-- does it meet what a mission statement is supposed to be. review.

who i need to make it

me: time:design:think handler
ac: the superbrain: code/program
lr: the beautiful eye:style
ld: photog

Item limit:  Any?
Product Levels: 1. 3. 5. 10. 20
Input existing dbase? Y

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A Note from Genie:
I have chosen to use this format to write down my vision finally after 15 years of talking about it. Could it really be the first step in realizing your dreams -- to write them down?
Write down the vision and watch it happen.