Monday, October 19, 2009

No More Phonebooks

Hey! I don't need any more phone books. Please stop leaving them for me.
I am a little lazy to bend over and pick something up, but this is not the main reason for my criticism.

How many phonebooks does each home receive? I get 6.

How much trash is generated with unwanted phone books?
How many end up in the landfill year after year?

Can this be classified as litter? Or junk mail?
Is there a way we can opt-out from the drop off of these stacks of paper?

I am surely not the only one sick and tired of this waste. I found this picture today on Mother Board.

And this crafty way to deal with the waste, on our end, of course. At least this is a positive thing, but what do you do with all the doctors and lawyer pages? Wrap fish, line bird cages, start fires in the Winter.

Treehugger also vocalized their feelings with gathering enough phonebooks to create a buzz.

Would Yellow Pages advertising be cheaper if the company only printed enough books to those who actually want it? What is the revenue generated from the printed phone books? Why is the paper (trash) passed off on us to dispose? Would the eradication of unwanted printed phone books bankrupt the company?

How many people would turn away phonebooks if they had the choice?
How many trees would be saved if we only took what we used?

Shouldn't we have the choice?