Saturday, August 22, 2015

I thought I lost it... but this trick saved the webpage I needed

Wow! I am so happy right now.

A couple of months ago, I started to really dig into what I wanted to add to my Blogger blog to make it cool, functional, better... so I started searching and came across a great list of Dapinder's Top 25 Blogger widgets. I had already opened and closed several pages and this one just looked right from the start. I started at the top of the post and started to work my way through each of the suggestions. On my first night, I installed at least four; a couple of nights later, three more.

I took a break for no more than a week, and this is what I find when I go back to "the list" to continue my Blogger education.

 [insert snap here of NOT FOUND]

 Bummer, what? Check and recheck URL. Make sure you ARE looking at the Bookmark you know you made. Scratch your head. Aha! E-mail/"contact us" the web author. Surely, he(?) will let you know WHAT IS UP? So.... i do.

That was a couple of months ago. TONIGHT, I thought to myself, "What if The Wayback Machine captured the page? What if..." It was too much to believe, so I tried it and VOILA!!!!

Here it is in all it's Wayback Glory... DAPINDER'S "25 Best Blogger Widgets" as captured by The Wayback Machine (, where over 400 BILLION web pages have been saved over time.

How did I know about The Wayback Machine? The first time I ever lost touch with my first webpage was back in 1999 when Geocities bit the dust. Yahoo bought them out and I remember we all had access for a minute, but then it folded and I thought, awwwww, I will never see my web page again. This was before there was a desktop in EVERY home.

My very first webpage at Geocities was captured in this way. You can see it here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Add Google Calendar Tab to your Facebook page

For those of you, like me, who were using the very simple Events Calendar app in facebook, as of today, the developer has stated that it no longer works because of facebook changing its API and he is unsure as to how long it will be until the app is repaired. 

Computer Genie, with a million others, used this app within facebook for a basic events calendar; this app being capable of scanning your existing Events and adding them to a calendar that occupied its own tab. Not being able to wait on the developer, I had to find a new solution today. For the last couple of weeks, I have been toying with iframe tabs 

There are two iframe apps I am testing: Static iFrame tab for a MailChimp e-mail signup page, and Static HTML: iFrame tabs for the Google calendar embedding. Static HTML: iFrame tabs seems a little more sophisticated and allows 12 page tabs per page you admin on facebook.

Embed your Google calendar into your facebook page, using Static HTML: iFrame tabs

1. Make a Google calendar. Simple instructions here
2. Find the html code to copy/embed into your facebook app: 

  • Expand the My Calendars column (on the left of Calendar page). 
  • Hover over the calendar and click on the drop-down arrow, showing a full options menu for customizing your calendar. 
  • Choose Calendar Settings. Spend some time here making adjustments to your calendar and when you are ready...

  • Copy the html code that appears in the text box under the heading "Embed This Calendar" OR
  • Click on the link "Customize the color, size and other options" to customize many other aspects of the calendar. This area will also show the code to copy. Be sure to click the "Update HTML" button above the code, so you are sure to have the latest changes. 

  • Keep this page open. If you are like me and need to change the colors 8x, you will return to copy the code over and over again until it is just right.

2. Install Static HTML: iFrame tabs app to your facebook account. 

  • Click the button "Add Static HTML to a Page". 
  • Choose your page from the drop-down menu and choose "Add Page Tab"
  • Go to your page and click on the Welcome tab and Edit Page Tab button.
There are a lot of things you can add here and play with, but we want to simply add the html code we copied above.

  • Notice that you are looking at the "Content" tab. Paste the html code into index.html. There is a paragraph already there giving simple instruction. Delete all the text and PASTE (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + V). 
  • Next, click on the "Tab name & image" tab. Simply change the name of the tab here OR wait to do this back at facebook.
  • Preview and/or Save & Publish.
It is that simple. Now I am excited!!! 
There is so much you can do with Static HTML: iFrame tabs; I have only just begun! Feel free to share what you have created/made in the Comments below.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blogger Migration Issue: When you no longer have Admin rights...

HELP! I cannot find my Blogger Dashboard! I have no access to stats, or layout or settings. What do I do? I posed the following question to the Blogger forum and found my answer within 20 minutes (Praise the Lord!)

Q: (submitted to Google Forums>>> topic: Accessing my blog)

these are 2 of 5 blogs i let go dormant in 2011. Sometime back then, I followed the instructions to add my new gmail, etc. Apparently, all I did was make myself an AUTHOR instead of an ADMIN and of course, now I have NO ACCESS to any settings, etc. because I must have removed original email. 
I have followed the advice to try to locate my old email address that I used. I went to Blogger recovery and every address I used back then is not coming up as an email in the system. What can I do?
Desperately, want to continue my blog and keep the names I created. Please help. Thanks.

A: Sign in at Gmail using your OLD email address; in my case, this was an old hotmail account that I still keep around for SPAM. It worked!!!
What happened? Back in 2011, Google took over Blogger and asked everyone to sign in with their Gmail accounts instead of their legacy emails. IN the process, we were supposed to add our new selves and delete our old. Which a lot of us did, apparently, but ended up making ourselves only AUTHORS instead of Admins.