Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blogger Migration Issue: When you no longer have Admin rights...

HELP! I cannot find my Blogger Dashboard! I have no access to stats, or layout or settings. What do I do? I posed the following question to the Blogger forum and found my answer within 20 minutes (Praise the Lord!)

Q: (submitted to Google Forums>>> topic: Accessing my blog)

these are 2 of 5 blogs i let go dormant in 2011. Sometime back then, I followed the instructions to add my new gmail, etc. Apparently, all I did was make myself an AUTHOR instead of an ADMIN and of course, now I have NO ACCESS to any settings, etc. because I must have removed original email. 
I have followed the advice to try to locate my old email address that I used. I went to Blogger recovery and every address I used back then is not coming up as an email in the system. What can I do?
Desperately, want to continue my blog and keep the names I created. Please help. Thanks.

A: Sign in at Gmail using your OLD email address; in my case, this was an old hotmail account that I still keep around for SPAM. It worked!!!
What happened? Back in 2011, Google took over Blogger and asked everyone to sign in with their Gmail accounts instead of their legacy emails. IN the process, we were supposed to add our new selves and delete our old. Which a lot of us did, apparently, but ended up making ourselves only AUTHORS instead of Admins.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quickbooks 2003 errors - and Runtime C++ *** SOLVED ***

I use Quickbooks 2003. Ever since Windows XP and I am now using 8.1. 
It is installed on two computers, Windows 7 and 8.1
I finally updated my Windows 7 QB2003 install only after years of it asking... And wow! QB 2003 successfully updated itself on "computer 1".

Updating on "computer 2" -Win 8.1- proved to be a real pain. I aborted mid-update download for some reason and the software would never even open back up for me. I uninstalled, re-installed... etc. I search out the error messages, each one that I recd:

- The error (you might get this one during installation)
Copy all files to a folder on your desktop and run the setup/install software from there. I also recommend setting Properties to Run as if WinXP SP2 and to RUN as Administrator.

- Visual C++ error
Download the 2005 or 2008 Visual C++ Distributable Package from here for 2005 ( and here for 2008 (
HERE IS THE TRICK TO MAKE IT WORK: Right-click the program shortcut: Go to Properties. Choose Compatability tab. Check __ Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Voila! Progam opening now. Hallelujah! 

I also recommend taking a look at Quickbooks solution: