Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Solved: Knology Wow! POP3 SMTP Settings for E-mail

Questionable Issue: 
E-mail not receiving "all of a sudden" for a Knology/Wow! client in Charleston, SC.

Who would have thought it might take up to an hour to find POP3/SMTP settings for Knology/WOW! in the Charleston, SC area??? Calling the company left us flabbergasted as to why the tech help couldn't help us out with seemingly standard E-Mail Configuration information. took me a "minute" to figure out these settings, so I promised my client that very day that I would publish them online so that maybe, just maybe, the next person looking would find the answer sooner. 

Knology Wow! POP3 SMTP Settings for E-mail Configuration
in: 25 / no ssl
out: 110 / no ssl


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